This year’s DIPLOMA exhibition – organized by The Institute – takes place at the Dacia House, better known as the “former Museum of Literature”, a generous building located on the same name boulevard, at number 12, in Bucharest. Here there are presented 126 works signed by the talented graduates of vocational faculties in Romania.

The exhibited works will be admired from 05 – 14 October between 10:00 and 22:00 and the entrance to the exhibition is free!

 The exhibited projects were selected from a total of over 350 works written following a call by a curatorial board of over 40 professionals dedicated to creative industries and visual arts with a collection of impressive expertise and professional experiences. Beyond the rigor and the specialized and mature approach of the exhibition, the DIPLOMA project can boast that it has made it easier for all enrolled to be evaluated, admired or criticized by potential tutors, collaborators or partners.

In addition, it has given them a first touch and dialogue with the market in which they intend to operate, and this intergenerational dialogue is one of the main stakes assumed by the DIPLOMA project from the very beginning.

DIPLOMA Talks, a new format of the festival, brings to the participants the success stories of experienced entrepreneurs and creative artists.

The Talks Diploma Initiative came as a natural complement to the professional outline of new generations of artists. The festival has proved to be an essential platform for support for graduates in the creative industries, and the creation of a special meeting with established professionals to share their experiences is an opportunity for them to better understand the field in which they want to practice and the challenges they are going to face, “says Andrei Borţun, CEO of The Institute.

DIPLOMA Talks: Creative Entrepreneurship, October 9, 18:00, Dacia House – Free sign up here.