ESMOD is in Top 25 Fashion Schools in the World. We put together all the necessary documentation for applying to a Fashion Undergraduate Esmod course below.



This program allows students to acquire excellent technical skill while simultaneously developing and refining their creative abilities.

To be able to design and construct a collection of clothing and accessories in various domains of the fashion industry, specializing in a specific market in their final year.
Program: This program is divided equally between design and patternmaking two distinct skill sets known in France as Stylisme and Modelisme. Stylisme involves the creative design aspect while Modelisme translates that vision into a constructed garment through draping, cutting and sewing. The combination of these disciplines is what gives ESMOD’s methodology its added value and gives its graduates their unparalleled expertise: technical and creative. Students are also taught fashion sketching, illustration, trend forecasting, textiles, history of art and costume, CAO, Photoshop, MAO patternmaking in 3D and English for fashion. Each year ends with 3rd year students presenting their collection to a Jury of ESMOD faculty and industry professionals.

1st Year: Learning the Fundamentals
An introduction to the fashion industry in its entirety, from both a creative and marketing perspective. At the end of this year students will be able to create a pattern, drape a garment, construct a skirt, blouse and a dress. Students will also present a final collection including a stylebook and one completed look from the collection.

2nd Year: Immersion
This year is dedicated to the development of student’s personal aesthetic and acquiring the technical skill to achieve their vision. At the end of this year students are able to design and construct women’s trousers and a suit jacket in both ready to wear and sportswear.

3rd year: Specialization Final Collection and Senior Internship
During this year students begin by learning the defining principles of design and construction that define the specialization they have selected, they will then apply these principles to their own final collection. Students will also have the opportunity to express their creativity in the following disciplines: dyeing workshop, lace, graphic design, embroidery, sustainable design, leather, fur and hand knitting.

We welcome all applications from any student from any field for our undergraduate programs. Entry requirements are known as following : to be at least in the final year of high school (final year of A-levels, 12th grade), already graduated with a A-level any field, students from upgrading course in applied arts or students in 1st or 2nd year of University any field.

Fashion Design & Creation
Applicant checklist : a resume, a letter of motivation / personal statement, 1 ID picture, a copy of your passport or identity card, copies of your transcripts from the 2 last semesters
For graduate applicants: a certified copy of your diploma and the records
Other qualifications: copy of your latest diploma, certificate or any document attesting of your experience judged equivalent
For any students who already completed 1 to 3 years of studies in an equivalent field:
The review of the candidacy will be made upon your portfolio:
– courses description of previous instruction, including course contents and total number of hours
– complete design portfolio or book with flat patterns and collection on a CD-ROM
– pictures of garments – if made in pattern drafting on a CD-ROM

Note: For all new accepted students in the 2nd or 3rd year of the underg. Program, upgrading courses in Fashion Design & Pattern making will be compulsory in the beginning of September : 1 week for 2nd year and 2 weeks for 3rd year.
English level required: for applicants who want to study this program in English
-provide an English language proficiency certificate by the sending of application (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS or others…)

  1. Download the applicant file and return it to us with the documents listed below between December and May. After receiving from our admission the documents listed below between the months of December and June.
  2.  After our admissions service has received it, we will study it to verify that your profile corresponds to the program or else recommend a more appropriate program. You will receive an answer by e-mail in 5 days. Note: For candidates in the 2nd and 3rd years of Fashion Design & Creation and Postgraduate Couture Designer, a study will be made by evaluating your artistic work.
  3. For all other programs, once the choice of studies has been validated, you will be contacted to pass an evaluation test*. This is to make sure you don’t make a mistake in analyzing your capacity to integrate in an artistic or commercial training in the fashion field, that you have a creative temperament and/or the necessary reflection capabilities for this type of study.*For more information and details on the evaluation test, see below.

At the end of the evaluation test day, you will be given an answer regarding your admission.

 Application file  ESMOD ISEM Paris
Application file ESMOD ISEM Roubaix
Application file  ESMOD Rennes
Application file ESMOD Lyon
Application file ESMOD Bordeaux


  • ESMOD/ISEM Roubaix (French)
    9 250 €
  • ESMOD Bordeaux (French)
    9 250 €
  • ESMOD/ISEM Paris (English)
    10 700 €
  • ESMOD/ISEM Paris (French)
    10 700 €
  • ESMOD ISEM Lyon (French)
    9 750 €
  • ESMOD Rennes (French)
    9 250 €