Our Program is dedicated to students and young creatives who wish to pursue a career in fashion. We focus on carefully designed preparatory workshops for all levels students that wish to study fashion and leisure workshops that cover all the practical aspects of the industry.



We divided our program into three level sections:



It focuses on young creatives who have an interest in the area but have no previous experience.

This level is suitable for:

  • Creatives who want to learn new skills
  • High School students in their first, second, third or forth year of study, that aim to apply for a university B.A. in the area of fashion.



It focuses on young creatives who have an interest in the area and basic knowledge in the field.

This level is suitable for:

  • Creatives who want to improve their skills
  • Students that are aiming to apply for an university¬† M.A. in the area of fashion.
  • Young professionals who wish to be counseled/improve their career in fashion, be it a new brand, business direction or contest applications.



It focuses exclusively on the practical aspect of fashion, with interactive workshops that start and improve tailoring skills from patterns, sewing, toiles to finish product.

This level is suitable for:

  • Anyone with an interest in the area.


To help us decide which workshop suits you best, we first recommend to fill in our questionnaire below.

Thank you for applying to attend our workshops.
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Learn to drawImprove my drawing skillsBroaden my skillsBuild up a portfolioGet into Fashion collegeApply to a Fashion contestBuild up my brandSomething else

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While you wait for our answer, shuffle through the available workshops. If you already know what you want to study, you can book a workshop straight away. You will find detailed information about the class below:

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